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The ProsocialLearn consortium aims to raise awareness of and engagement with the ProsocialLearn project among educators, child development professionals and game developers, as well as scientists and ICT professionals, policy makers and funding bodies, and the general public.

Educators and child development professionals
We would like to share the benefits of adopting prosocial games in school curricula with educators and child development professionals, as well as encourage your involvement and feedback.

Game developers
We are looking to increase awareness of prosocial learning games and the ProsocialLearn platform among game developers, garner your involvement and feedback, as well as promote use of the ProsocialAPI in order to enable you to develop and deploy prosocial games for children in European schools.

Scientists and ICT professionals
We would like to spread the scientific results of the ProsocialLearn project and obtain your support to enable their use of in other fields as well.

Policy makers and funding bodies
We are looking to raise the interest of policy makers and organisations responsible for European school curricula and funding in prosocial learning, as well as gain support for the use of prosocial games in schools.

General public
We are looking to increase awareness of the ProsocialLearn project and objectives among the general public, as well as garner your feedback and support.
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