ProsocialLearn in Athens

Events: ProsocialLearn in Athens

In September, ProsocialLearn consortium member CERTH presented the project at two events in Athens, Greece.

On 5 September, Dr. Kosmas Dimitropoulos gave a lecture titled “Human Motion Analysis in Interactive Environments: Capturing, Recognition and Adaptation” at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), within the framework of the H2020 Terpsichore project summer school. In the lecture, he also presented the main objectives and results of the ProsocialLearn project.

On 6-8 September, ProsocialLearn in cooperation with the H2020 Mathisis project organised a workshop entitled “Adaptive and Personalized Game-based Learning Environments” during the VS-Games (9th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications) conference in Athens, Greece.

In total, six papers were presented in the workshop from the members of the ProsocialLearn and Mathisis project:

“The Value of Establishing a Community of Teachers for the Gamification of Prosocial Learning” (S. Cobello, E. Milli, P. Pιrez Berganza, N. Zygouritsas)

“Modelling Learning Experiences in Adaptive Multi-Agent Learning Environments” (D. Tsatsou, N. Vretos, P. Daras)

“Offline and Online Adaptation in Prosocial Games” (K. Apostolakis, K. Stefanidis, A. Psaltis, K. Dimitropoulos, P. Daras)

“An Adaptive Framework for the Creation of Body-Motion-Based Games” (Grammatikopoulou, S. Laraba, O. Sahbenderoglu, K. Dimitropoulos, N. Grammalidis)

“Expressive Virtual Characters for Social Demonstration Games” (F. Yang, C. Liy, R. Palmbergz, E. Van Der Heidex, C. Peters)

“ProsocialLearn: A Digital Distribution Platform for Prosocial Games” (F. D’Andria, M. Boniface, S. Modafferi, S. Crowle, K. Apostolakis, K. Dimitropoulos, P. Daras, L. Middleton, J. Garrido)