Second International Educonference

Events: Second International Educonference

Italian ProsocialLearn consortium partner Polo europeo della Conoscenza (Europole) participated in the Second International Educonference organised by the association Friends of Education on 1-3 April 2016. The conference was aimed at teachers, trainee teachers, students and ICT experts. The event drew 550 teachers from FYROM as well as 25 participants from across the EU, including Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia.

Europole’s Stefano Cobello introduced the philosophy behind ProsocialLearn project, the online community and project website, and presented The Chase, a cooperative game that teaches children the value of cooperating to fulfil a common goal and how by helping others everyone can benefit, developed by UK ProsocialLearn consortium partner the University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre. Participants tested the game (currently in alpha version) and provided feedback for further development via a follow-up questionnaire.

Learn more about the Friends of Education and the International Educonference here.