ProsocialLearn community

Introducing the ProsocialLearn community

The ProsocialLearn community, a key part of the ProsocialLearn project, aims to involve schools and stakeholders across Europe, centered on innovative teachers eager to adopt prosociality in daily school practice.

By joining the ProsocialLearn community, teachers can play ProsocialLearn games, access educational materials related to prosociality (i.e. learning plans, hands-on activities, articles and online resources) and share best practices, questions, thoughts, ideas and inspiration with colleagues from all around Europe, as well as propose topics for discussion and get advice on how to design activities that promote skills like friendship, feelings, cooperation, fairness, generosity and trust.

The specific activities and goals of the ProsocialLearn community are:

• Developing awareness of prosociality concepts

• Engaging teachers in seminars and feedback sessions that diffuse prosociality, aiming to continuously expand the circle of people interested in ProsocialLearn activities

• Showcasing ProsocialLearn activities in thematic portals relevant to the project and popular among project target groups (i.e. school communities, students in pedagogical faculties, teachers’ associations, stakeholders and policy makers)

• Recruiting new members to the ProsocialLearn community to introduce them prosocial digital games

• Publicising a ProsocialLearn community calendar of events, so that members have an overview of community activities and can plan their participation

• Setting-up the most appropriate communication channels (news, announcements, newsletters, integration with face-to-face meetings, etc.) to highlight and share stories of community successes

• Facilitating discussion about the ProsocialLearn community itself, including community culture, processes and practices, technology and individual motivations for participation

• Creating synergies with projects in similar and complimentary subject areas – and consequently the communities developed – to disseminate the ProsocialLearn project, recruit new members, efficiently handle common problems and exchange opinions on the added value of prosociality in classroom management, as well as any challenges that arise

• Publishing articles about the ProsocialLearn community and its projects to promote prosociality and practices across social media and other communication channels

In conjunction with ProsocialLearn community activities, the ProsocialLearn project consortium is:

• Leveraging existing networks to spread the word about prosociality and enlisting interested schools, teachers and stakeholders

• Organising school and teacher events to introduce prosociality concepts and prosocial games

• Providing information and activities that sustain the interest of schools and teachers about prosocial learning and games

• Training and support (events and materials) for prosocial gaming and its integration into teaching practice

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If you have any questions about the ProsocialLearn community, consortium and/or project, please contact us here.