D2.2 – Game Scenarios

Report: Potential prosocial game scenarios

A report defining potential prosocial game scenarios based on the core prosociality domains of empathy, trust, fairness, compassion, generosity and cooperation has been produced by the ProsocialLearn consortium.

The study is intended as an initial outline for designers of prosocial games, as a source for inspiration for new games, as well as providing an outline methodology to use when conceptualising scenarios. The report provides succinct and prescriptive game scenarios that serve as the foundation for future games design and for inspiring game designers to imagine new games for prosociality.

The analysis builds on findings from ProsocialLearn’s D2.1 – User Requirements report, exploring each of the prosocial domains by identifying existing games and scenarios in existing games that incorporates these prosocial skills, additionally the report provides discrete generalised game scenarios that a game designer can use to construct prosocial scenarios or incorporate prosocial dimensions into some aspect of their games.

Lastly, the report presents a generic method for selecting prosocial scenarios which may be applied to most core domains of prosociality, as well as an example game called Castle Kingdom which combines a number of prosocial dimensions.

This report was written by Kam Star and James Allsopp from PlayGen Ltd, a ProsocialLearn project consortium member.

The report, D2.2 – Game Scenarios can be downloaded here.

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