The Bunny & the Bird

Update: The Bunny & the Bird game in development

ProsocialLearn consortium member Aniway is developing The Bunny & the Bird (working title), a game that teaches the children the value of helping each other; cooperation is needed to find a way through a maze while avoiding danger, thus reaching a common goal.

The game utilises the ProsocialLearn technology platform, e.g. storing data about the game play sessions. An early prototype is completed, and a MVP (minimum viable product) is on its way. Children 7-10 years old are the target audience.

A release version of The Bunny & the Bird is expected in the fall, and the game will be tested in European schools late this year.

About Aniway
Aniway is a Finnish game development company founded in 1999, and has extensive experience on developing all kinds of games, including applied games.

Learn more about the studio at

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