Path of Trust: Christmas Edition

Update: Path of Trust prosocial game

ProsocialLearn’s Path of Trust prototype game for building trustworthiness and teamwork has introduced a new “Christmas” look – asking players whether their partner is in fact “naughty or nice” – and single-player mode.

Path of Trust: Christmas Edition was also presented to third grade pupils of an elementary school in Thessaloniki, Greece on 21 December, receiving very encouraging and supportive feedback.

In the Christmas Edition, two elves enter Santa’s workshop in order to collect toys just before Santa’s sleigh departs. Players take the role of a muscle-bound elf carrying a NPC (non-player character) elf on their shoulders through the maze of workshop corridors. The player’s NPC companion has full knowledge of the toys’ locations and gives players suggestions about which path to follow.
Path of Trust: Christmas Edition gameplay
Players with their NPC companions set out to collect two kinds of toys – “teddy bears” (the task of the player character, granting one point to the player) and “flying toy airplanes” (the task of the player’s NPC, granting one point to the NPC). During the game, players decide whether their NPC elves are being “honest” with them or not, the best way to succeed being to know when to “trust” their NPC companions.

Pupils in the Path of Trust: Christmas Edition test group in Thessaloniki were also excited to learn and play this single-player version of the game, using either the Microsoft Kinect 2.0 sensor or a standard keyboard controls. At the end of each session, the children filled out a questionnaire concerning their trust behaviour and engagement throughout the game.

The Path of Trust: Christmas Edition study was conducted by ProsocialLearn consortium partner the Centre of Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH). The standard version of the game (which requires two players and includes Greek instructions) is available online here and the Christmas version (a single-player experience, also with Greek instructions) is available here.