Prosocial Game Design Cards

Update: Prosocial Game Design Cards toolkit

Designing games about social skills doesn’t need to be difficult. Particularly if you have the right tools. Introducing Prosocial Game Design Toolkit!

Three tools designed to make it easy to create prosocial games. Developed by PlayGen as part of the ProsocialLearn game developer support network, meant to assist SMEs in the creative and collaborative development of prosocial games using ProsocialLearn methodology and game components.

Prosocial Game Design Canvas
A one page visual tool that lays out all the elements of a learning game.

It provides the complete overview from the audience, inspirations, resources and outcomes to preparation, assessment, debriefing and generalisation. It also includes the core of the game goals, actions, feedback and fun elements.

The Prosocial Game Design Canvas is a versatile design tool, and can be used by game designers as well as teachers and students in groups to think about and design educational games for teaching skills.

Prosocial Game Design Cards
Cards to help you design games and activities to teach social skills.

The Prosocial Game Deisn cards provide a range of skills for feelings, friendship and cooperation together with game mechanics and teaching methods. Use them to design games, develop stories or create in-class activities.

The toolkit contains print-and-play version of the cards together with quick start guide.

Prosocial Game Mechanic Cards
Design tool for creating multiplayer and cooperative games.

Drawing on a wealth of research, this practical toolkit can be used to quickly design cooperative games, simplifying the decision-making process and providing quick access to the key dynamics that define the nature of the game.

Download it all here!
Use the link above to download all three tools and designing your own games and activities to teach social and emotional skills today!