ProsocialLearn live at BETT 2018

Update: ProsocialLearn live at BETT 2018

Following up on participation in BETT last year, one of the largest technology in education events in the world, ProsocialLearn has returned to the show this month armed with running games, our development platform and give-away activity cards.

Reception and interest in prosocial games, the ProsocialLearn platform and activities has been high throughout the event, with many interested educators and students visiting the stand to find out more about the project.

ProsocialLearn has also given away hundreds of packs of Prosocial Game Cards (also available as a free download here), which have been received extremely well by all, creating a nice bridge between a highly advanced software platform and the physical world of feelings and emotions.

Students have been enjoying playing cooperative sessions of ProsocialLearn’s Tower Together game as well, showing that teamwork really is the only way to win.

Over the next two days we hope to talk to many more schools and interested parties and to follow up on putting the fruits of the ProsocialLearn project into the hands of those that need it.

Download the latest brochure about ProsocialLearn here and contact us!