ProsocialLearn platform and games video

Update: ProsocialLearn platform and games video

Update: A new video, produced at the end of the project and featuring several games not covered in the original film, has been included below.

ProsocialLearn, a 36-month project funded by the European Union, has produced a short video that introduces the platform and highlights some of the current prosocial games in development.

ProsocialLearn provides a unified platform for schools, teachers, game developers and students to find, develop, share and play games designed to promote prosocial behaviours.

The first set of games on the platform includes The Chase (collaborate to climb the hill and escape the giggle monster!), Laika (on the trail of the “Golden Bone” – a game about feelings and learning about others), Lost in Space (working together to get through the vastness of space), Pushy Paddles (a cooperative multiplayer maths puzzle game), Tower Together (a game about sharing and working together to build the tallest tower) and The Season’s Soup (an exciting labyrinth game for developing collaboration skills).

View the ProsocialLearn platform and games video:

The ProsocialLearn platform and games pilots are currently running in Greece, Italy and the UK. ProsocialLearn is also participating in BETT 2018, which brings teachers and learners together with the latest educational ideas, practices and technologies, on 24-27 January in London.

More about the ProsocialLearn platform and games on show at BETT 2018 here and contact us here to learn more about our wide range of learning games and educational material for teaching social and emotional skills to youngsters.