ProsocialLearn platform, API and developer guide

Update: ProsocialLearn platform, API and developer guide

The ProsocialLearn platform integrates many ProsocialLearn functions into games, i.e. emotion and engagement monitoring, in-game achievements, games adaptation based on Prosocial Learning Objectives (PLOs) and micro-transactions.

The ProsocialLearn API allows game developers to create games that interact with the ProsocialLearn platform, providing a list of API calls for functionalities like letting the platform know when a new player has connected and learning the status of the game from the platform.

The ProsocialLearn API also provides integrated games with information about players’ engagement based on facial and voice recognition. The API is easy to use and includes security checks for all processes.

Additionally, the developer guide on ProsocialLearn’s Gitlab provides resources to help developers to integrate their games with the ProsocialLearn platform.

Are you a game developer who would like to integrate your game with the ProsocialLearn platform? Tell us about your game and the prosocial skills that it promotes. Is it a collaborative game? Does empathy or trustworthiness take part of the game mechanics?

Once your game is approved, you’ll get access to the ProsocialLearn platform for deployment and your game will be eligible for the ProsocialLearn games market for educators and schools.

Contact Enrique Quiros here for more information and to apply.