Update: TakeOver game in development

ProsocialLearn consortium member HypeSlugs is developing TakeOver (working title), a three-player game that teaches children collaboration and teamwork skills.

Three robots – an engineer, a researcher and a navigator – embark on a space mission to discover a new planet. The puzzle tactics gameplay requires focus, memory and attention skills, as well as planning and strategic thinking as a team.

The game utilises the ProsocialLearn technology platform, e.g. storing data about the game play sessions, facial recognition and player difficulty adaptation. An early prototype is completed, and a MVP (minimum viable product) is on its way. Children 8-10 years old are the target audience.

A release version of TakeOver is expected in the fall, and the game will be tested in European schools late this year.

About HypeSlugs
HypeSlugs is a Romanian game development studio founded in 2016, with a strong background in game design, development and analytics.

Learn more at www.pixelram.com.