Transmuted Games

Update: Transmuted Games at NG18

With a strong belief in the importance of the ProsocialLearn project, an initiative called Transmuted Games was created to ensure the longevity of the project’s core achievements.

The name derives from the alchemic concept of transmutation (turning something into gold), which is representative of the new organisation and its direction.

“We want to create a Europe-wide network that helps developers in the serious/applied games space to broaden their markets,” says Transmuted Games organisational coordinator Alexander Östlund. “Thus, turning a product in a capped-out market into gold!”

Transmuted Games officially launched at the Nordic Game conference, the largest developer-oriented event in northern Europe, in May 2018. The Transmuted Games expo booth displayed prosocial games and other project-related content from developed by ProsocialLearn consortium members Mad About Pandas, Aniway, PixelRam, Playgen and Redikod, as well as post-project developer Xteam.

The near future holds many exciting plans for Transmuted Games, such as preparing several existing games for European distribution, setting up sales channels and a service support platform. There are also longer-term plans for the handling of custom gamification and serious/applied games orders.

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